Antoine Michael Diego Jost


Antoine JOST
16, av. Pey-Berland
33607 Pessac CEDEX



  • Post-doct. at I2M, March 2020 – Present. Numerical Methods & Fluid-Structure Interaction.
    • Development of Semi-implicit numerical schemes for Eulerian Fluid-Structure Interaction.
    • Supervisor: Thomas Milcent
  • Post-doct. at I2M,  September 2018 – March 2020. Numerical Methods & Immersed Boundary Methods (IBMs)
  • Ph.D. at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), January 2015 – July 2018. Direct Numerical Simulations of Incompressible Flow through Porous Packs over a wide Range of Reynolds Numbers
    • Project: Investigate macroscopic integrated quantities and temporal and spatial length scales of laminar, transitional, and turbulent flow in periodic ordered and random particle packs
    • Code developed: high-order imcompressible Navier-Stokes flow solver with adaptive mesh refinement, static and dynamic LES, and ghost cell IBM.
    • Supervisor: Ju Zhang
    • Additional Project: Further development to compressible multiphase Euler code RocSDT.
  • M.S. in Aerospace Engineering at FIT, Numerical Study of Intermittent Bursting of a Laminar Separation Bubble on a NACA 643-618 Airfoil
    • Project: Investigate the different spatial and temporal laminar separation bubble and vortex shedding behaviors for three different angles of attack for a NACA 643-618 Airfoil.
    • Fluid mechanics, turbulence, numerical analysis, finite volume method, high-order methods, high-performance computing
    • Supervisor: Ju Zhang


Research interests

  • Compressible & Incompressible Navier-Stokes
  • Low Reynolds number flows
  • Turbulence
  • Flows over biological surfaces
  • High Performance Computing
  • Immersed Boundary Method
  • High-order Numerical Schemes
  • Adaptive Mesh Refinement
  • GPGPU (GPU computing)



  • Peer-reviewed Journals
    • Jost, A.M.D., Glockner, S., and Erriguible, A., 2020, Direct numerical simulations of fluids mixing above mixture critical point, accepted in Journal of Supercritical Fluids.
    • Jost, A.M.D., and Glockner, S., 2020, Direct forcing immersed boundary method : Improvements to the Ghost Node Method, submitted to Journal of Computational Physics.
    • Jackson, T.L., Jost, A.M., Zhang, J., Sridharan, P. and Amadio, G., 2017. Multi-dimensional mesoscale simulations of detonation initiation in energetic materials with density-based kinetics. Combustion Theory and Modelling, pp.1-25.
    • Zhang, J., Jackson, T.L. and Jost, A.M.D., 2017. Effects of air chemistry and stiffened EOS of air in numerical simulations of bubble collapse in water. Physical Review Fluids2(5), p.053603.
  • Peer-reviewed Conferences
    • Jost, A. and Zhang, J., 2015. Numerical Study of Intermittent Laminar Bubble Bursting and Vortex Shedding on an NACA 64_3-618 Airfoil. In 53rd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting (p. 1032).
    • Jost, A., Zhang, J. and Jackson, T.L., 2015. GPU Parallelization of a High Order Immersed Boundary Method Fluid Solver. In 22nd AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference (p. 3056).
    • Jost, A., Zhang, J. and Jackson, T.L., 2016. Incompressible Flow Solver with Ghost-Cell Immersed Boundary Method and Adaptive Mesh Refinement. In 46th AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference (p.3328)
    • Jackson, T.L., Jost, A.M., Zhang, J., Sridharan, P. and Amadio, G., 2017, June. Three-dimensional Mesoscale Simulations of Detonation Initiation in Energetic Materials with Density-based Kinetics. In APS Shock Compression of Condensed Matter Meeting Abstracts.