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3D numerical simulation of a 5mm diameter rain drop falling
freely at terminal velocity – Fr=1650, We=5625 (3 millions cells, 128 processors)


Mixing of ethanol and supercritical CO2 in high pressure microfluidic system
(300 millions cells, 3584 processors)


Round turbulent 3D jet of acetone in CO2 in supercritical conditions


Jet buckling simulations (VOF-PLIC interface reconstruction)


Rain drop impacts on a water free surface.
Level set method with Closest Point curvature extension.
Top: Fr=650, We=600. 8.5M cells, 32 processors
Bottom: Fr=1200, We=1200. 8.5M cells, 32 processors

Multiple drop impact on a free surface


Interface Moment-of-Fluid reconstruction of a 4 material disk
in a reverse-shear flow